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Lithium Battery Develop Trend

Lithium-ion batteries ,with the advantages of high energy storage, long cycling life, free from pollution etc. , is an ideal new green energy.

Lithium Electricity Industry is with great develop opportunities at present.Overall improvment of product quality and grade has become the key point for us to enlarge our international market share.

The personage inside Li industry insist that future development trend of lithium electricity enterprise in China should be market oriented,take technology innovation as support,take structural adjustment as the mainline,keep moderate scale development,expand the inner and abroad market share actively, mainly reseach,develop and manufacture high tech and high value added rechargable battery towards lightweighed, miniaturized and energy-saving.

The Goverment should make related guidance policy to promote multichannel financing operation for battery companies,should insist on combination importing technology and equipment with absorption,digestion and innovation of the accomplishment of advanced technique, should encourage enterprise internal cooperation and merging to improve quality, enlarge scope and lower production cost,finally realise sale resource sharing and sale price reducing.

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